Salon nights 10.07 and 24.07

Wonderful sunsets and lovely sea views waiting for you. Come and enjoy excellent salon nights at Lepanina hotel restaurant Julie!


TUESDAY ON the 24th of July at 20!

„ SONGS or SO „

Vladislav Koržets (words), Riho Sibul (song, guitar), Ain Agan (guitar).

Vladislav making poems and musings from people, cosmos, exicstence, Ain will add colorful sounds and Riho will sing from the heart.

TUESDAY ON the 10th of July at 20!

„ MEN and WOMAN„

Songs and stories from mens and womens, love and life.

Actress Inga Lunge and musician Toomas Lunge


Book a room and concert tickest with better price!

Twin room                          75 eur                 Rack rate             95 eur

Family room                       95 eur                 Rack rate             115 eur

Room with a sauna          105 eur               Rack rate             130 eur

Suite with jacuzzi              130 eur               Rack rate             160 eur


Excellent present idea for your dearest if they love music what touch the soul and a heart!

We can „pack „ your present in handmade card (price 7 eur per card and post fee )


Booking and  info: lepanina@lepanina.ee , phone: +372 44 37 368

Please note: Booking is necessary to guarantee with pre-payment! Pre-payment will be sent it to you when you will confirm the booking. Please note that for the pre-payment invoice we will need your name and postal address. Invoice will be sent to your e-mail address!